Finalmente Alighieri! Live in Levanto

Finalmente Alighieri!
Live performance

Friday 26 August, 9:30 PM
Auditorium, Levanto Music Festival, Levanto

Live performance by Dante Tanzi with the Acusmonium Audior by Eraldo Bocca.

More info here: AUDIOR 26

Notes on the composition:

Finalmente Alighieri is the first track of the Trittico Dante, a set of three pieces which won the international competition made by SIMC (Italian Society for Contemporary Music) held in 2021 to celebrate the anniversary of Dante Alighieri.
Finalmente Alighieri! is in three sections. In the first part, the verses are gradually creating a choir based on the time-stretch of the vowels of the words.
The middle section is dramatic. Verses and words are fragmented, the hums are scattering, the transients of the words are predominant, voices are superimposing. The parts are made with granular synthesis and with stochastic processes. The high luminous pitches and the low dark booms are generated by the transposition and re-enveloping of the previous materials.
In the final part, the fragments and hums are gradually extinguished, and the corale of the beginning in back. There are no words, but the main pitches of the voice are resonating in quasi-sinusoidal waveforms. Metaphorically, it is evoked the celestial harmony and the convergence of the universe into pure energy.

Elia Andrea Corazza (aka Elijax)
Finalmente Alighieri! by Elijax

Listen to the full composition here:

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