Plucks full EP now available for free streaming on youtube

600x600lowres copyright Emy Bernecoli
Plucks, EP, by Elijax, 2019

Track list:

  1. Plucks
  2. Down to the Skyline
  3. Tribal Zone
  4. Driver’s Vision

Plucks, EDM genre, is based on a catchy electronic pluck.
Down to the Skyline mixes the electronic and the classical genres, in a costant rhythmic crescendo.
Tribal Zone is an aggressive piece where the bass fights against drums and synths.
Driver’s Vision evokes the landscapes of a car journey.
Main influences from Autechre, Aphex Twin, Deadmau5, Vangelis and Stravinsky.

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Flashback cover by Emy Bernecoli

We are proud to give you the preview of one of the pieces that will be published in our next concept album “Folli Lumi / Lunatic Lights”.

Here is our reinterpretation of the Giga from the Partita no. 2 by Johann Sebastian Bach.

We hope you will enjoy it, and do not hesitate to send us your comments: which author would you like next? Bieber, Boccherini, Corelli or… Elijax?

Much love,

Emy & Elijax


Sarabanda – Announcement

Dear Fan and Supporter,

we are glad to announce the release of Sarabanda!

Searching for imaginary castles…

Much Love

Lunatic Lights (Emy Bernecoli and Elijax)



Music by Elijax
Violin: Emy Bernecoli
Label: Elijax Records
Time-lapse by Letizia Sacchi
Freely arranged from Arcangelo Corelli, Sarabanda op. 5 no. 7.

Copyright 2016 – all rights reserved


Whimsy and Sarabanda

Dear Fan and Supporter,

we are glad to announce the release of our last two singles, as a preview of our forthcoming album:

1- Whimsy (Bizzarria)

2- Sarabanda

Follow the links to listen to it!

Much Love

Lunatic Lights (Emy Bernecoli and Elijax)